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Benefits of Membership

Primary Contact of an Organization on the IRHA Web Database

Each organization in our system has an individual designated as the “primary contact”. The primary contact has the ability to register multiple individuals from your organization for an IRHA event, add individuals to the organization or update the contact information of individuals within your organization. 

To download an instruction manual for the primary contact – click here


Membership Benefits and Activities

Resource Sharing:  Our 2,400 members share valuable insight and information.

Serve on an IRHA committee:  Learn more about committees here.

Newsletters:  Receive timely and relevant rural health information.

CME:  Access to continuing medical education.

RHC:  Timely and knowledgeable Rural Health Clinic resource support and education.

Advocacy:  Local, state and national advocacy by the IRHA, national support by leaders at NRHA.

Grant Opportunity Research:  Receive assistance from IRHA with grant research you are conducting.

Rural Health Hub:  Recognized regionally and nationally as a successful rural health organization, IRHA can assist with any rural health challenge or opportunity.

Webinars:  Participate in educational webinars hosted by IRHA.

Education Programs:  Access to and reduced fees to attend IRHA education programs.

NRHA Affiliate Membership: IRHA members receive affiliate membership with NRHA

Consulting:  IRHA staff and organization partners consult on rural health issues and opportunities.

Networking/Peer-Peer: IRHA facilitates and connect members with similar challenges or ideas.

Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Planning: Access to IRHA staff members with expertise in this important area.

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