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Annual Conference

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Abbott, Ross, Stephanie Brown, Tracy Craft, Toni Morris - Student Research Plenary Session

Alter, Leila - Overview of Children's Oral Health and Innovative Approaches

Anwar, Amnah and Cody Mullen - Tackling the Opioid Crisis in Indiana by Collaboration and Education: Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium

Ballard, James, Jennifer Taylor, Michael Edwards, Jeff Hartz, Jackie Mathis, Sarah Goletz - Enhancing Academic-Community Partnerships to Promote Student Interest in Rural Medicine

Benedict, Zachary and Andrew Mitchell - Swimming Upstream: Reexamining the Social Determinants of Health in Rural America

Box, Kristina - Indiana Health Challenges

Bryan-Jungels, Allison, Cynthia Lee, Rose Higazy - Transition of Care Management: Moving Beyond a Hospital's Boundaries to Improve Patient Care Outcomes

Cameron, Nicole and Yolanda Wesley - 2019 IPPS Proposed Rule Coding Highlights and The Impact of Clinical Validation Denials

Carrico, Brian - Breakthrough Technologies to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Cline, Melanie, Andy Aldred, Dawn Gabrich, Will Fox, Wendi O'Hair - Shoring Up Your Revenue Cycle Process: How Value Stream Analysis Can Target Opportunities to Improve Patient Billing and Hospital Reimbursement

Conners, Jill - Community Paramedicine Programs: Implications for Success in Rural Settings

Elkin, Mike - Continuity of Operations During Emergencies

Hayward, Thomas - Urban Level 1 Traume Center: What Can and Must We Do for the Rural Hospital?

Hudson, Virginia - Indiana Health Coverage Programs Updates

Hutchens, Jennifer - The Opioid Epidemic

James, Charles - Provider Enrollment

King, Susie - Pre-Diabetes and the CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Laws, Stephanie, Amy Sheppard, Jackie Martin - Evidence-Emergency Network Grant Program

Lee, Brian - Empathizing with Difficult Patients and Families

Lee, Brian - Thriving on Multiple Priorities

Lee, Brian - Rural Hospital Renaissance

Lelevich, Monica - Medicare's Appropriate Use Criteria Program

Lewis, Candace - Managing the Collections Process & Maximizing the Results--Get on Track!

Livingston, Laura - Debriefing Guide

Livingston, Laura - Making Simulation Possible

Livingston, Laura - Simulation Centers in Indiana

Livingston, Laura - Simulation Planning Form

Livingston, Laura - Simulation Resources

Lizanich, Nick, Casandra Graham Curtis, David Honig - Revenue Cycle Risk: Emerging Billing Risks and the Best Practices Utilized to Avoid 

MacKie, Palmer - Fulfilling Our Obligation to Improve Opioid Safety

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - 2-page Who's Who - Updated July 2017

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - Healthcare Leaders in Action (U.S. Surgeon General)

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - IBCLC-The-Critical-Difference

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - Infant Mortality: Closing the Gap in Rural Communities

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - USBC Calculator with HP2020

Majors, Lauren and Brea Carlson - USBC Calculator 1-percent Increase

Martin, Gretchen, Kelly Cunningham, Lynn Herr - Child Fatality Review and Injury Prevention

Meixner, Alex - Improving Acute Stroke Care in Indiana

Mullen, Cody and Amnah Anwar - "All of Us" NIH Research Program on Precision Medicine

Peisker, Kelly, Renee Stratton, Stephanie Uliana - Community Benefit: A New Approach to Health Improvement Priorities

Renz, Julianne - Using Data to Manage Providers and Patients in Our Communities Amidst the Opioid Crisis

Sanders, Becky - The Culture of Change in Telemedicine

Shover, Sharon - Coding E/M Services Based on Medical Necessity

Snyder, Michael - Re-Position and Retain--How Rural Hospitals Can Improve Awareness of Strategic Value and Keep Patients

Waldrup, Amanda - Creating and Promoting Relationships with HRSA

Waldrup, Amanda - HRSA Fact Sheet

Watson, Dietra - Telehealth Care - Closing the Gap in Traditional Healthcare

Weinzapfel, Laurie, Marcia Frankilin, Lisa Lant - Quality Opportunities: A View from Indiana Medicaid Managed Care Plans

Wortman, Dave, Mike Fletcher, Michael Kraus - Telemedicine for Reducing Potentially Avoidable Transfers

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