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CAHoots Newsletter

Indiana Rural Health Association

Jeff Iliff, Publisher
812-478-3919 ext.236

Note: Articles submitted may be reformatted and edited as necessary. Please indicate when submitting articles if you do not allow any revisions to the article.

This newsletter is funding in part through Flex funding from the SORH.

Fall 2018 CAHoots Newsletter

See what's happening at other hospitals in rural Indiana.
Which hospitals are receiving awards for outstanding achievements?
What exciting technology advances are available to you?

New CAHoots Articles Include:

• "Gibson General Hospital Now Offering 3D Mammography"

• "Consolidation is Hurting Hospitals' Supply Costs, Not Helping Them"

• "AED Donation to Youth Football League"

• "Association Between Patient Outcomes and Accreditation in U.S. Hospitals"

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Recent News

March of Dimes Awards Grant to the Indiana Rural Health Association

Joining in the Fight for the Health of All Moms and Babies in Rural Central Southwest Indiana Communities ...[ more ]

IRHA, InROC Receives Funding to Explore Expansion of Opioid Treatment and Prevention Programs

New planning effort expected to map out how IRHA can grow critical treatment support to 11 counties with high rates of overdose crises in rural Indiana ...[ more ]