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HIP Link Press Release

January 12, 2016

Keep Your Employees! Join ‘em at the “HIP”.

Introducing the HIP Employer Benefit Link program.

Brought to you by Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration

The new HIP Employer Benefit Link program, otherwise known as "HIP Link," is part of Indiana’s nationally recognized Healthy Indiana Plan model, or HIP 2.0. HIP Link is a premium assistance program that helps working, low-income Hoosiers to afford their employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Employees receive an HSA-like account to help pay for a portion of their premium costs and out-of-pocket medical expenses such as copayment for office visits and coinsurance.

HIP Link not only provides a benefit for employees, but also provides many benefits to businesses as well. In this competitive market for good workers, many companies are increasing their efforts to retain hard-working staff. HIP Link may help to attract and retain employees by offering them a unique, commercial health coverage option. HIP Link may also help businesses to enroll more employees onto the group health plan which may help to meet plan participation rate requirements or lower group premium rates.

The state is encouraging all employers to register to participate in HIP Link. Businesses from any industry—small or large, are all eligible to participate so long as they offer a health plan that meets HIP Link’s minimum benefits and affordability requirements. The HIP Link program has approved and accepted applications from various industry types including health care, retail, restaurant, manufacturing, real estate, education, and of course, the state of Indiana. There is no cost to businesses to participate as a HIP Link employer.

Additionally, the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) is proud to announce that one of its members, Greene County General Hospital (GCGH), has already become an active HIP Link employer. This hospital has undergone the employer registration process and has chosen to offer their employees assistance through the HIP Link program! “It was a pretty easy decision for us,” said GCGH Human Resources Director Jean Prather. “This was our way of providing some assistance to them, so they could have good health insurance, at a reduced cost. The [HIP Link Liaisons] we worked with at Indiana’s Family and Social Services made the enrollment process easy for us.”

The IRHA will be hosting a free educational webinar with HIP Link Outreach Coordinator Kayla Hsu on January 25, 2015, at noon Eastern time. The webinar will provide an overview of the HIP Link program, as well as the benefits for organizations and individuals and the requirements to participate. For more information on the webinar or to attend, please see the Events page at the IRHA’s website:

To learn more about the benefits and requirements of becoming a HIP Link employer, please visit HIP Link’s Frequently Asked Questions section on the program website. Applications to register for HIP Link can be submitted using the HIP Link online portal. For additional information, please visit, or contact or  

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