2020 Indiana State Office or Rural Health CAH Awards

The Indiana State Department of Health, State Office of Rural Health, aspires to honor the Indiana Critical Access Hospitals for their performance and acknowledge the best of the best! In that regard, the CAH Award program was developed to stimulate quality improvement efforts and acknowledge distinguished members in the Indiana CAH community.

The State Office of Rural Health awards recognizes Indiana CAHs and CAH staff members in the following award categories:

  1. Innovation in Quality Improvement Award: CAH that demonstrates the most innovative project to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes
  2. Community Impact Award: CAH that demonstrates a major impact within its community on any healthcare related topic
  3. Outstanding Rural Health Provider Award: CAH staff member that demonstrates outstanding rural health performance
  4. Outstanding CAH Leadership Award: CAH staff member that demonstrates exceptional leadership in an MBQIP quality improvement project endeavor

Congratulations to the 2020 Award winners:

Innovation in Quality Improvement - Perry County Memorial Hospital

Community Impact Award - Cameron Memorial Hospital

Community Impact Award - Decatur County Memorial Hospital

Outstanding Rural Health Provider - Matt Weber

Outstanding Critical Access Hospital Leadership Award - Mary Drewes