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Tonn and Blank Construction: Newest Business Partner Network Member

IRHA is pleased to announce that Tonn and Blank Construction has become the newest member of our Business Partner Network. Tonn & Blank is a leading building construction company headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, and serving the entire Midwest region. They offer decades of expertise in managing all aspects of construction services, from pre-planning to complete, design-build project delivery. With offices in Michigan City, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis, they have serve all areas of the state with Virtual Design and Construction services. They offer Green Sustainable projects using LEED accredited designers. Visit for more information to help you with your building needs.

David Roth and Natalie Mathes will be joining us in French Lick at our annual conference so please be sure to stop by their BPN booth to introduce yourself. You can reach them by email as well; David Roth ( or Natalie.Mathes (

Welcome aboard Tonn & Blank!

Some serious concerns about the marketing of liquid nicotine in containers very similar to juice boxes. Please read and share this article:

INSRHN Partners with TACORE Medical Physician Recruiting

This past winter I was introduced to TACORE Medical, Inc. and had the pleasure of meeting two high-energy and focused men who specialize physician recruitment in rural health. What is their background and what makes them so successful? They were Division 1 football coaches, what else?

JW Lively and Tim Shea know how to recruit. They spent years in family’s homes all over the country convincing them to join the team at TCU and other universities. They went head to head against some of the most formidable coaches in D1 football, convincing many men to join their team.

How does recruiting D1 athletes compare to recruiting physicians? Both are scarce. Both are sought by the highest challengers. Both desire optimal locations for their future. Therefore, the skill set came down to the same thing; these two coaches representing their organization and doing so with great success.

TACORE Medical Inc. was founded in 2000 and has thrived entirely on word of mouth referrals serving clients in rural communities across the US. In their 18 years, they have spent zero funds on advertising, branding, or expensive promotional materials. The have always believed that by doing their job right, their clients will advertise for them, and they have. No amount of promotional spending can match that. And they have a lengthy list of satisfied clients.

As Coach Shea told me: “Our approach to recruiting is largely grounded in our experiences as young college football coaches and of the insights we gained while being involved in recruiting high school athletes at the highest level. Now, we simply apply those insights, combined with the same aggressive approach, to recruiting physicians.”

I have spent considerable time with these gentlemen and as your Network Director, I am proud to present them as our newest Business Partners because I know how important this service is to our members and I am confident they will deliver for INSRHN just as they did in D1 college football.

Contact JW Lively directly at 940-231-0156 or Tim Shea at 617-370-3723 to learn more!

Espy Services newest Business Partner Network member 

We are pleased to announce our newest Business Partner Network member; Espy services. Through this relationship, we are confident that the services offered by Espy will bring money back to your healthcare organization’s bottom line with no cost to you the member. This is a contingency fee arrangement it costs our members nothing to try and has potential to save substantial amounts of money on telecom expenses.

Telecom Audit & Analysis – Espy will use their decades of expertise to review your telecommunications and data service invoices, customer service records and contracts to verify your current vendors do not owe you money for errors, overcharges and future savings. They will also compare your services to state tariffs and Espy’s internal database of rates to make sure you are at the optimal pricing with your vendors. Espy will do all the work in getting this money back to your organization. You do not need to switch your providers or change services to take advantage of this cost containment opportunity.

Government Funding Management Services – Espy will help you determine if your facility telecom/data services are eligible for RHC funding through the federal USAC program. They will then do all of the required filing and management to secure those funds. This funding can reimburse you up to 65% of your qualifying costs. If you are currently taking advantage of IRHA’s funding through the Indiana Telehealth Network, Espy can help determine if there are other services that can be funded outside of this network. You can then realize optimized reimbursement for your facilities.

As part of our relationship, Espy has agreed to offer participating IRHA members with a 15% discount on all invoices issued by Espy if they are able to secure a service agreement with at least 10 IRHA members.

To learn more about Espy, their services and our relationship, please call Terri Shoufler with Espy Services at 812-277-8928. We are keenly aware of the financial burden that telecom costs represent and we feel that this relationship will greatly benefit our members. 

Legislation which takes effect July 1, 2018

INSPECT (SEA 221) requires prescribers in various settings to check a patient’s prescription drug history in the INSPECT database each time before prescribing an opioid or benzodiazepine if their facility has integrated with INSPECT.

Credentialing (HEA 1007) bill formalizes in statute the process that is already underway whereby the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) will create a centralized process and application for credentialing of health care providers. All managed care entities that participate in Medicaid will have to accept the credentialing decision and not establish additional credentialing requirements.

In the commercial marketplace, a provisional credentialing status is created if a health care provider has not received a decision after 30 days of completing the application and meets the following criteria:

• The provider was previously credentialed by the insurer in Indiana and in the same scope of practice for which the provider has applied for provisional credentialing.

• The provider is a member of a provider group that is credentialed and is a participating provider with the insurer.

• The provider is a network provider with the insurer.

Continuing Ed (SEA 225) establishes continuing education requirements for licensed health care practitioners who apply for a controlled substance registration (CSR). Provides that licensed health care practitioners who apply for a CSR must have completed two (2) hours of continuing education during the previous two (2) years addressing the topic of opioid prescribing and opioid abuse. Provides that the continuing education requirements expire July 1, 2025.

IRHA's Lunch & Learns - Great Information To Be Shared

The next set of Lunch & Learns begins May 2 with current topics and great speakers. The Lunch & Learn experience while sitting at your desk or watching an archived version at your convenience. Upcoming topics include:

• Creating a Robust Goal Cycle Aligned to Key Strategies - July 31

• Assessing a Rural Academic-Community Partnership Using Ripple Effect Mapping - August 9

• Slowing the Burn: Strategies to Reduce Caregiver & Physician Burnout - August 14

For a description of each session and login information, visit

We value our members and want you to get the most out of your membership.

EnCred Project Slated for October 2018 Start

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (Medicaid) will implement a new centralized enrollment and credentialing process (EnCred) later this year. The State has contracted with Conduent, Inc. to develop a single enrollment application where all information will be gathered for enrollment and credentialing purposes.

Conduent and its technology partner, Medversant Technologies, will implent Provider Source as its provider enrollment system. Once fully implemented, Provider Source will replace the existing Medicaid Portal for all new provider applications. Current IHCP providers will continue to utilize the Medicaid Portal for updates to existing provider enrollment information. Those updates in the Portal will interface with Provider Source.

Conduent is working on a single sign-on to facilitate the enrollment process between both enrollment systems.

The implementation date for Conduent and Provider Source is slated for October 1, 2018.

IHCP Bulletin BT201804 (dated February 20, 2018) announced the integrated enrollment and credentialing process. The bulletin can be accessed at

Conduent is hosting monthly meetings with providers in advance of EnCred implementation. At its June 6 meeting, Conduent officials reminded attendees:

1. Centralizing the enrollment and credentialing process will not affect Medicaid managed care contracting. Providers will still be responsible to contract with the four (4) managed care entities: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, CareSource, Managed Health Services and MDwise.

2. The effective date recognized by the managed care entities will be the actual date of provider credentialing.

Headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, Conduent has served over 500 government contracts. Its four-year contract with FSSA runs through 2021, with two one-year options. Additional information about Conduent can be found at

Medversant Technologies is a Los Angeles-based firm that focuses on provider data management. Information about Medversant can be accessed at

For additional information, contact Jim Miller, InSRHN Consultant, at 1 (812) 478-3919, ext. 230