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IRWIN Mission

The Indiana Rural Workforce Innovation Network (IRWIN) has established the necessary infrastructure to develop a skilled health sciences professions workforce in rural areas. IRWIN includes three experienced and accomplished members with statewide presence and connections: Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA), WhiteBark Health Academy, and Rural Health Innovation Collaborative (RHIC), including universities providing 4-year undergraduate and graduate programs, Together, IRHA, WhiteBark Health Academy, and the RHIC, along with supportive and engaged partnerships with several other stakeholder organizations, will provide rural workers access to the relevant health sciences professions skills, experience and certification necessary to catalyze a high-quality, safe and cost-efficient 21st Century health care environment.

Mission: The Indiana Rural Workforce Innovation Network (IRWIN) strives to become a sustainable, rural-focused workforce network that recruits motivated students, delivers health sciences professions education and training, facilitates meaningful rural experiences, and places graduates in rural health sciences professions jobs.

Vision: The Indiana Rural Workforce Innovation Network (IRWIN) will provide rural employers with access to health sciences professions students with the skills, experience, and education necessary to catalyze a high-quality, safe and cost-efficient 21st Century rural health care environment.

Purpose: The purpose of the IRWIN is to address an identified workforce challenge in rural Indiana for skilled, certified, allied health sciences professionals.

In response to the need for more, and more robust, clinical training experiences for allied health sciences professionals, the first component of the IRWIN initiative is to provide in-depth clerkships in rural areas for students during the hands-on portion of their programs. The clerkships are intended to provide real-world allied health sciences professions experience in a rural health care setting that is consistent with the student’s area of study and career goals and under the supervision preceptors in partnership with IRWIN staff.

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