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Aldred, Andy - Show Me The Money! Completing a Reimbursement Review of an Outpatient Infusion Clinic in a Critical Access Hospital

"All of Us" Brochure

"All of Us" Fact Sheet

"All of Us" Become Our Partner - Flyer

"All of Us" Diversity Fact Sheet

"All of Us" EHR Fact Sheet

"All of Us" Privacy and Security Questions

"All of Us" - What is All of Us?

Ansel, Travis and Davis Creech - Moving Your Employed Physician Network Out of Operational Chaos

Box, Dr. Kristina - Creating Healthier Communities

Cadwell, Carrie and Lisa Pranger, Elaine Davis - Building Indiana's Primary Care Psychology Workforce

Cadwell, Carrie and Lisa Pranger, Elaine Davis - Integrated Health Interns

Carroll, Danny - Social Work and Trauma Informed Care in Rural Communities

Conrad, David and Michael Sinnet - A Stellar Relationship: Rural Health Meets Regional Community Development

Devine, Trish and Amy Peak - Debate: Should Healthcare Professionals Recommend CBD Products?

Eldredge, Kristi - Evolving Models of Care: Eight Questions to Ask Before Diving Into Telemedicine

Evans, Shelly and Jaime Redman - Post-Acute Readmissions? Now With Your Nurse Practitioner in Charge!

Frost, Dwight - Preparing for an Active Threat in the Workplace

Grable, Heather and Dan Hardesty, Christina Keller, Nolan Mikowski, Holly Wood - Why Are Our Babies Dying? What Are We Doing About it?

Heath, Nicole and Cori Friedrich, LaRita Jenkins, Paul Sinders - A Community Approach to Integrating Wraparound Services in a RHC

Hill, Kate - Strategies for Ongoing RHC Compliance

Hinkle, Ellen - Risk Adjustment Coding in the Physician's Practice

Hutchens, Jennifer and Jason Berkhalter - From Motivation to Results: Approaching Chronic Pain with Holistic Treatment and Quantifiable Outcomes

James, Charles - In-Depth RHC Claims Reporting

James, Charles - Rural Health Clinic Billing 101

Keesler, John and Helen Johnston - Understanding Community Attitudes and Experiences--A Foundation for Responding to Rural Mental Health

Kelley, Kristen and Andrea Janota - Building Capacity to Treat Complex Medical Conditions through Project ECHO Telementoring Program

Klein, Judy - Alignment of Malpractice Signals to Diagnostic Error: What's Out There?

Lant, Lisa and Marcia Franklin, Ann Bumb, Stacy Tunon-Watson - Quality Opportunities: Improving Your Patient Outcomes through the Use of Evidence-Based Best Practices

Mann, Deborah and Jason Fee, Brian Mader, Dan Lowe - Improving Access to Quality Care: Identifying the Right Time, Finding the Right Solutions, and Protecting Your Investment

Mathis, Lori and Jacob Goldstein - Treating Substance Use Disorders in a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Miller, James - From Consultant to Consumer: An Inside Perspective to Healthcare Delivery

Paez, Mario - Cyber Liability

Pelletier, Ron - Security is Always Excessive Until It's Not Enough: Managing Tech-enabled Growth in the Context of Cyber Risks

Rose, Patty - MIPS Cost Category 2019 Overview

Rose, Patty and Ellen Hinkle - MIPS Cost Category 2019 Overview and Risk Adjustment Coding in the Physician's Practice

Sanders, Becky and Cody Mullen, Nikki King - IRHA Fellowship Program: Lightning Presentations from the 2019 Cohort

Shuman, Joshua and Amanda Sheeley, Tom Talbot - Trauma-Informed Care in Clinical Settings

Sisson, Crystal - The Prevention of Violence through Elementary School Child Abuse Prevention Education

Snellenbarger, Stecey and Gena Luhn, Greg Zobel - HIEs: The Key to Ending the Silo Effect for Patient's Data

Stevens, Randy - Why You Should be Utilizing Medication-Assisted Treatments for Opiate Use Disorder in Your Practice

Weisman, Errin - Am I Broken--Discussion on Allied Health Providers' Well-Being of Medicine

Weisman, Errin - 2017 WellMD-Domain-Definitions

Ziegler, Dustin - Building Dementia-Friendly Communities in Indiana




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