IRHA is pleased to serve as a voice for the rural residents of Indiana. It is our intention to make our members, partners, and communities aware of the issues that rural Hoosiers face in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. Policy is an issue that many rural Hoosiers are impacted by but are seldom aware of when it is enacted in our great state; therefore, an informational void may exist for decision making purposes. Likewise, we believe that policy makers may not always consider the unique challenges that residents and businesses of rural communities face in these dynamic times. Therefore, a need to educate both the community and policy makers is essential. IRHA believes that the best decision is an informed one. Our efforts are to advocate. IRHA invites you to join us in spreading the news as it becomes available to us so everyone can make an informed decision.

Advocacy for Nonprofits (doc)

IRHA Policy Procedure Development Guidelines (doc)

IRHA Policy Development Resolution Form (doc) (for submission of a policy statement to the IRHA Board of Directors)

IRHA Policy Statements Approved:

Physician Assistants Policy Position (pdf)

Smokefree Vaporfree Policy Statement (pdf)

Tobacco Tax Policy Statement (pdf)

Trauma System Position (pdf)

Other Resources:

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