Whitebark Corporation

The Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) formed in 1997, successfully fostering the rural medical providers of Indiana though education, outreach, connection, and programs. As an outreach and potential profit center, IRHA subsequently launched WhiteBark in 2016. As an eco-system, WhiteBark’s intent is to create profitable solutions, programs, processes, and policies to help bolster IRHA’s mission.

Created, as a service arm for Indiana Rural Health Association, WhiteBark Corporation performs activities appropriate for for-profit entities. WhiteBark has the nimble quality to respond to opportunity and advocate for best practices.

Our Name: WhiteBark

The Quaking Aspen is the most widely distributed tree species in North America. Its pristine WhiteBark can be seen for miles. Providing a unique capability, “the bark layer of quaking aspens carries out photosynthesis, a task usually reserved for the tree leaves. In winter, when other deciduous trees are mostly dormant, quaking aspens are able to keep producing sugar for energy. Deer, moose, and elk seek shade from aspen groves in summer. These same animals consume bark, leaves, buds and twigs of quaking aspen throughout the year.”

In addition, notable, amazingly large systems of millions of trees are supported by singular root network. All are connected yet dispensing life individually, one tree at a time.

The “quaking” aspen can also be identified by its audible characteristics- it can be heard. An unusual characteristic for a tree.

WhiteBark embraces many of the same characteristics of the quaking aspen. Widely distributed throughout communities, yet foundationally connected, WhiteBark is easily heard and sustains life throughout all seasons.

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