Cindy Large

Project Director

Cindy Large, RN, BSN, is the Indiana Rural Workforce Innovation Network (IRWIN) Director for the Indiana Rural Health Association. The IRWIN is an educational network enhancing rural workforce initiatives for over 75 rural constituents through the development of an online rural course curriculum, enhancement of rural clinical rotations for allied health professions students, and through an innovative hiring recruitment and retention program. Ms. Large was the Network Director for the Indiana Rural Health Information Education Network in 2013. Over 60 professionals successfully completed a HIT certification program and receive industry credentials in HIT. All participating hospitals reached meaningful Use Stage 3.

In 2007, Ms. Large developed the Indiana Statewide Rural Health Network. The 30-member Network provides an extremely low cost, high return, model to provide each member with substantial return on investment for their time and financial commitment.

Ms. Large is a graduate Indiana State University, Terre Haute Indiana where she received her bachelor degree in nursing. She has provided many local state and national presentations showcasing successful projects over the past 12 years. 

You can reach Cindy at: 
812-478-3919 extension 229