Dana Stidham

Rural Clinic Consultant

Dana Stidham, MT (ASCP), MS HPE has worked in healthcare for 42 years: 17 years in hospital and outpatient laboratories; 8 years in health professions education in post-secondary community colleges in Charleston, SC and Indiana; 4 years in Emergency Preparedness with Indiana Public Health Association; Practice Manager of a RHC, and 13 years with Indiana Rural Health Association working with Indiana’s Rural Health Clinics.

In behalf of RHCs, Dana developed emergency preparedness exercises and resources and served as a health care enrollment navigator for the Marketplace and HIP and directed the HRSA Outreach Noble County Grant Project to enroll children and their families in healthcare insurance.  Currently, Dana is an RHC consultant for IRHA in which she visits clinics to perform mock RHC survey exercises or provides RHC orientation for new practice managers.  She plans RHC programs for IRHA seminars and conferences, serves as a liaison in behalf of clinics, advocates for RHCs’ needs and serves as a resource for RHC questions on regulations, policies and procedures.  

Dana can be reached at 812-342-6482.