Luke Wortley

Resource Development Coordinator

Luke Wortley joined IRHA in 2016 after several years as both a full and part-time high school teacher at inner-city schools in Indianapolis. He has a B.A. in Spanish from Wright State University and has been fluent in Spanish since he was a junior in High School. At IRHA, Luke is the Resource Development Coordinator, concentrating primarily on securing grant funds and providing administrative support as a copywriter, having earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Butler University in the Spring of 2015. Additionally, he does some community outreach for IRHA, along with document translation to and from the Spanish. He continues to volunteer a significant amount of time to community outreach and service and is also an adjunct faculty member in the Core Curriculum Department at Butler University, where he teaches First Year Seminar and writing. 

You can reach Luke at:
812-478-3919 extension 238