Benefits of Membership

Membership Benefits and Activities

Resource Sharing: Our 2,400 members share valuable insight and information.

Serve on an IRHA committee: Learn more about committees here.

Newsletters: Receive timely and relevant rural health information.

CE: Access to continuing education.

RHC: Timely and knowledgeable Rural Health Clinic resource support and education.

Advocacy: Local, state and national advocacy by the IRHA, national support by leaders at NRHA.

Grant Opportunity Research: Receive assistance from IRHA with grant research you are conducting.

Rural Health Hub: Recognized regionally and nationally as a successful rural health organization, IRHA can assist with any rural health challenge or opportunity.

Webinars: Participate in educational webinars hosted by IRHA.

Education Programs: Access to and reduced fees to attend IRHA education programs.

Consulting: IRHA staff and organization partners consult on rural health issues and opportunities.

Networking/Peer-Peer: IRHA facilitates and connect members with similar challenges or ideas.

Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Planning: Access to IRHA staff members with expertise in this important area.