Information For Students

Annual Conference Student Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our underwriters, the Indiana Rural Health Association has been able to offer scholarships to full time health profession students to attend the IRHA Annual Conference. These scholarships cover the cost of the student's registration and hotel fee. Scholarship applications open in February.

For more information about the IRHA Annual Conference student scholarships please visit the IRHA Annual Conference webpage and scroll down to the "scholarship" tab.

Student Membership

IRHA membership is free to all full time students. You only need to create a profile on our website and purchase a "Student Membership".

  • New to IRHA and need to create a profile

If you are new to IRHA you will need to create a profile by clicking on the "new visitor registration" link found on the login page. Please do not create an organization for your college/university when you create your profile, your college/university's information is already in our system.

If you are a current member, have been a member in the past, or received a student scholarship to attend the IRHA Annual Conference your information is in our database; you have an online profile. If you have previously logged into your online profile the password you set is still in effect.

If you have never logged into your profile your default password is Password1 (with a capital P and the number 1). When logging in be sure you do not type a blank space at the end of your email, the system will regard the email as invalid. The site will force you to change your password the first time you log in, please retain your new password for future access.

Indiana University-Bloomington School of Public Health Fellowship

IRHA is excited to announce a new partnership with the IUB School of Public Health. Through this partnership a fellowship program has been created. If you are a current MPH student at IUB you are eligible to apply. Applications for the spring semester are due October 31st, summer semester are due March 31st, and fall semester are due May 15th. Information and application are located below. If you have any questions, please contact Cody Mullen at

2020 Fellowship Information

Fellowship Application