We invite all IRHA members to participate in one of the committees listed below.  Committees have the responsibility to explore and research various subjects and report their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.  If you are a current IRHA member and are interested in serving on an IRHA committee, please submit the form below.


Your IRHA Membership must be current to enroll in a committee.

IRHA Committees:

  • Membership and Nominating Committee  
    The purposes of the Membership Committee shall be to: (i) market the Association in the recruitment and retention of members; (ii) promote the Association through internal and external communications; (iii) approve the membership survey before distribution; (iv) review the annual membership survey results for actionable initiatives; and (v) recognize on an annual basis those individuals and organizations that strive to fulfill the mission of the Association.  The President-elect shall be responsible for identifying persons qualified to serve as Board officers of the Association.  The chairperson of the Nominating Committee is responsible for working with Association’s staff and to identify persons interested in becoming members of the Board of Directors and to create the official ballot. The chairperson will report results of the election.

  • Policy and Legislative Committee

    The purposes of the Policy and Legislative Committee shall be to:  (i) develop and present policy recommendations that address issues to the Board of Directors; and (ii) advocate legislative interests of the Association as brought forth through resolutions or goals by the Board of Directors. 

  • Annual Conference Committee
    The Annual Conference chairperson conducts a monthly meeting from August through May to determine the theme, keynote speakers, and discuss Conference tracks and breakout speakers, exhibits, activities, awards, and other Conference details.