Business Partner Network

Dynamic. Complex. Challenging.

Today’s healthcare environment often represents tough tests and trials for even the most experienced professionals. New federal regulations, reimbursement and compensation issues, ever-changing policies, and patient satisfaction/safety matters quickly consume executive and managerial bandwidth.

To help effectively address these and other issues, the Indiana Rural Health Association created the Business Partner Network (BPN) to support our members by providing access to healthcare resources with trusted experts in the field who can help sustain and grow your operations in these complex times.

Ranging from accounting to IT to management and marketing (and more), these qualified professional organizations are ready to serve.

As you explore the member links to the left,  you will find uniquely qualified businesses who possess in-depth knowledge of critical healthcare issues. They stand ready to provide high performing service to you and your organization.

To become an IRHA Business Partner member, and a brief summary of the BPN member benefits.

For more information, feel free to contact Phil Ellis anytime:

Phil Ellis, MBA
IRHA Business Partner Network Director
Indiana Rural Health Association
812-478-3919 , ext 226