Crossroads Partnership for Telehealth

The Crossroads Partnership for Telehealth (Crossroads) is a collaborative agreement with the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA), the Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health, and multiple rural hospitals. Crossroads was designed to create an efficient platform that will improve mental health access and awareness within geographically and culturally disparate counties throughout the state of Indiana.


The Crossroads Partnership for Telehealth will utilize local tele-behavioral health providers to aid clinical personnel in rural based health care facilities in the diagnosis, referral, and treatment of individuals who present with both acute and chronic behavioral health needs.


To use and maintain a telehealth network that will: increase access to behavioral health care services in rural communities as well as conduct evaluations of those efforts in an effort to both expand and strengthen the evidence base for assessing the effectiveness of tele-behavioral healthcare services for patients, providers, and payers.

Community Impact

This program will have the following impact:

  1. Reduced ED lengths of stay through point-of-care decision making
  2. Time-sensitive and evidence-based treatment interventions for mental health and substance use conditions
  3. Safe, effective and appropriate settings for telehealth visits
  4. Reduced drive miles for patients, families, and specialty providers
  5. Reduced market-leak and outward migration for patients who can safely and appropriately stay at local healthcare sites
  6. Reduced health care utilization costs
  7. Significant contributions to the existing evidence base for implementation, practice and evaluation of tele-behavioral health services 

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