The Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium (InROC) established in October 2017 with partners across the country, working together to fight the opioid crisis in Indiana, which has seen a staggering 86.9% increase in opioid overdose from 2010 to 2015.

InROC is working towards building the necessary infrastructure to develop a regional model for Opioid-Use Disorder (OUD) identification, treatment, and recovery services in rural areas and the communities they serve. 


The Mission of the Indiana Opioid Consortium is to be a sustainable Consortium that promotes and increases offerings of behavioral health services for individuals with opioid use and overdose disorder in Indiana, through comprehensive assessment (screening), OUD-specific care coordination, and increased education, and resources (clinicians and communities).


The purpose of InROC is to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in rural Indiana by primary prevention via screening and education, in addition to increasing access to addiction and behavioral health treatment.

How will we achieve this?

With our partners, will accomplish the mission through the following activities:

1. Deployment of a universal screening for those at risk of opioid-use addiction; creating more accessible, discreet treatment options for those already struggling with addiction; connecting to a referral system for lasting recovery preventive education model.

2. A learning management system will be used as an option to educate community members on OUD, discreet treatment options for those already struggling with Opioid Use Disorder, and referral systems for lasting recovery.

3. Implementation of care coordination to organize patient care activities, while also engaging community consortiums to be active participants in the opioid epidemic.

4. Support individuals in recovery by education on removing the stigma from the opioid use disorder and medication-assisted treatment.