The Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium (InROC) was established in October 2017 with partners across the state, working together to fight the opioid crisis in Indiana, which has seen a staggering 86.9% increase in opioid overdose from 2010 to 2015.

InROC is working towards building the necessary infrastructure to develop a regional model for Opioid-Use Disorder (OUD) identification, treatment, and recovery services in rural areas and the communities it serves.  Provider education is offered through free webinars, online courses, and other unique modules, such as the “Teen Room Exhibit.” 











InROC also looks beyond the focus of Opioid Use Disorder and looks to address all Substance Use Disorders.  While PHASE 1 of this project focuses on prevention, education, and outreach, PHASE 2 aims to address prevention, treatment, and recovery for not only opioid use disorder but also substance use disorder and infectious diseases like hepatitis C and HIV.  We are working with great partners in each phase of the InROC project and appreciate their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of those in rural Indiana.  Learn more about our partners, events, resources and more by clicking on the tabs to the left.