Indiana Telehealth Network

Indiana Telehealth Network connects healthcare providers with funding from the FCC for high-speed broadband access.

The Indiana Rural Health Association is the lead entity for the Indiana Telehealth Network (ITN). The ITN was one of around 50 Rural Health Care Pilot Programs around the nation. The ITN is now operating as a consortium within the Healthcare Connect Fund that has worked with over 260 applicants.

Join Us

Please contact Ally Orwig at or at 812-478-3919 ext. 235 to join the ITN.

Our Mission

The mission of the ITN is to improve the health and well-being of Indiana residents, particularly those in rural areas, through the utilization of a dedicated broadband health network to deliver telehealth applications including, but not limited to, telemedicine, health information exchange, distance education and training, public health surveillance, emergency preparedness, and trauma system development.

Our Funding

Funding for the Indiana Telehealth Network will be made available through the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) Rural Health Care Pilot Program. The program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). The Indiana Telehealth Network filed a grant application with the FCC in May of 2007. The application estimated costs of building a 100 megabit fiber network to the 35 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) throughout the state of Indiana. In November of 2007, their application for $16,138,270 was approved. These funds represent 85% of the total cost of building the network. The remaining 15% will be matched through state and local contributions. Per the FCC Order, FCC 07-198, funding provided under the Pilot Program will be used to support the costs of constructing dedicated broadband networks to connect health care providers.

Beginning in summer of 2013, the IRHA began pursuing designation as a consortium leader for the FCC's Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) through the HCF Order FCC 12-150. This program is also administered by USAC and provides up to a 65% subsidy for health care providers to construct and connect to broadband service.



Ally Orwig
Project Coordinator
812-478-3919, ext. 235